Wednesday, 2 November 2011

[hangin' about]

Last sunday, while we basked in the stench of enamel through the unit, we began to hang some art and photos.  There was a very handy little article in this month's Real Living mag about how best to arrange a cluster of art.
I first fiddled around with placement on the living room rug, took photos of each arrangement and had Daniel San help choose which looked best.  The handiest of hints I found was the masking tape cross to help to create balance.
(and look... It's the same style chair from here! I must have one!)

I managed to accidentally switch around two frames when I was weighing them on the kitchen scales. Sadly 3M sticky tabs are the only way to go when you have concrete walls!
 Favourite sunset pic taken on a camping trip at Brunswick Heads.  The colours were breathtaking!
 Old painting of Nan's. Adds a little hipster feel. 
A watercolour I'd mucked around with one fine crafternoon with Al and Louise.
N'arrete jamais de rêver - Never stop dreaming.
(Ah oui oui - I can't speak french, but Al can.)

Little by little it's feeling more like a home. Jx

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