Friday, 11 November 2011

[big spending at vinnies]

Oh how I love op-shopping! I found these little decorative finds at the Vinnies down from work for 50c each.  Thought they'd go nicely together on the bedside table in the guest room.
Not sure whether to paint some cute little watercolour pieces to go in the frame or print some soft, possibly instagrammed pics or some edgy black and white pics. Hmmmm... decisions decisions.

After work today I'll be hitting the road for a little camping weekend away.  Daniel San had the day off so he's headed down early which means:
a) I'll be driving by myself (sadface) but
b) the tent will have already been set up by the time I arrive (mega happyface)!

Looking forward to unwinding with a glass of wine... and maybe a little cheese.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. They are lovely Jane. I would go with the watercolour. I would love to see some more of your artwork. Enjoy your weekend - sounds lovely! xx

  2. hello there!

    ah, 'Vinnies', that just swoops me back to Sydney. (in Europe now).

    i would love to paint and distress that frame.

    enjoy your weekend, sounds relaxing!

  3. These are lovely! Wonderful detail! Have a fabulous end of the week, Kellie xx


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