Sunday, 3 July 2011

[a few from the gallery]

This is one of my pieces Love and Laundry that I painted in 2009 using acrylic on canvas.  I love the crocheted doily prints both over and underneath the freeform hearts. One of my favourites.

Over the last few Christmases, my family has formed a tradition of made gifts.  Last year I used this as an opportunity to reignite my love of watercolour.  Feeling uninspired and a little out of the game I painted my own versions of some little pieces I found on polyvore.

A girl called Dot
For my lovely stepsister Jazzy.

The Red Dress
For my other lovely stepsister Natarscha.

The Fan

(Her T reads "i heart aukistra")

For my stepbrother Kayne AKA Aukistra.

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