Saturday, 7 April 2012

[looky what she won on ebay...]

Daniel San and I have been searching for a cast iron garden set for little while now.
I very nearly had him convinced that we should buy a similar set at a second hand shop in Brunswick Heads last time we were visiting.
Lucky we didn't.  We found this baby on ebay and at $41 it was ours!
It was the first time I'd ever bid on anything and you should have seen what an anxious mess I was with 10 minutes to go, on my phone, on a saturday night, in a cocktail lounge.
This morning we took a little drive down the coast to collect our win.
There's no doubt it needs a little love - all the more fun I say.
I've been on the Dulux website creating my powder-coating colour shortlist.
Rather than sticking with the traditional white, I was thinking either a pale apricot, greeny/mint or turquoisey/jade colour.
We're really looking forward to having our morning cuppa on the balcony - our outdoor space still needs a little attention!
Which colour would you choose?!
colour images via dulux


  1. wow - what a great find, beautiful piece! I would go with the pale apricot shade. :)

  2. What a great win! Love the first apricot shade, or the minty green on the right in the middle panel. Look forward to seeing the results!

  3. Bargain! I'd be tempted to go with the bottom right colour myself.

  4. Oh Wow Jane - good work! I can't wait to see it done up. I would pick either of the bottom 2 colours. You know me and colour :o)

  5. Oh please please choose mint! It is my latest colour obsession and would look completely gorgeous. That said, I can also picture a pretty yellow as well. What a great find - I wish more people in my local area would put furniture on eBay :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  6. Hi Jane

    I just realised my dastardly iPad didn't let my comment go through a few days ago.

    so sorry lovely.

    I adore your colour palette - but my 2 cents worth.
    I can see it in a normal glossy white with accessories made (e.g.: cushions for the tushie) in the darker peach and teal or darker mint)

    what do you think about that

    have a lovely day lovely lady

    x Loulou

  7. Ahhh! Still no closer! Thinking top left or middle right. And now definitely considering fresh white again - thanks loulou ;)


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