Tuesday, 29 November 2011

[pink ribbon breakfast - the art auction]

After we all gorged on the delicious goodies and had ourselves a couple of champas and guava, the art auction for breast cancer began.  Everyone was to bring along an original piece of creativitiy to auction off to one another...
Sarah's colourful typography "Auf Deutsch" that I purchased.
Tiffany's beautifully painted cup, entitled "cup" which I also bought.
(Straight to the pool room... or Dan's Christmas stocking!)

The two pieces that Al won:
Katie Green's "Owls in Flight"...

...as well as my "Flying Wall Ducks"

My other water colour that Amber purchased.

 <  Becky's piece - a lovely Buddhist quote that Amber also fancied.                                
                                 Becky with her purchase - "Love"- a mixed medium by Lozzy  >

Louise (from A Pot of Tea Under a Tree) painted a suitably fashionable piece that Tiffany won.
    Another by Louise, that Cass won        and Al's painting which Louise won.

Amber's origami lily that Miss A had her eye on

Cass' "Hooters" painting that Sabina bought...
...and Sabina's "Icecream" bra and coffee cup that Katie Green bought.

Between us we raised $474.35. Not bad for a casual Saturday brunch.
Thanks for the "support" girls!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

[pink ribbon breakfast - the food]

This morning I held my Pink Ribbon Brekky to raise a little money for Breast Cancer.  This year we all brought a plate to share.
The menu included:
Pikelets with blueberries and cream
Teacup biscuits (The little ones' eyes lit up when they spotted these!)
Fresh cherries and strawberries
Scones with jam and cream
Pink ribbon shaped bikkies
Pink cupcakes
Warm croissants
Caramel ginger snap tarts
Savoury muffins (from the renowned Hummingbird Bakery cookbook)
Apricot slice (family fave)
and my banana bread (recipe to follow - it's brilliant!)

Not to mention a few glasses of sparkling and guava nectar (delicious and pink!)

 This morning I ducked down to the little florist around the corner to buy whatever pink flowers they had.  She had these lovely peonies left over from a wedding order for today!
Sigh... my favourite!  
 Lozzy's little one's dressed up for the day and helped us consume the ridiculous amount of food.
Miss A just learnt the joys of listening for the ocean in a shell.

After eating ourselves silly
we had our art auction.

to be continued.....

Thursday, 24 November 2011

[she saw, she liked, she purchased]

Again, flicking through the Real Living collection for some guest room inspiration, I came acoss this...
Vibrant colour, modern style, great price.
Any excuse for a Spotlight trip!
I think it works well with Nan's embroidery and my little Vinnies bowl.
Not the final resting place for the Keep Calm poster but looks ok for now.

Monday, 21 November 2011

[fancy a smile with your morning cuppa?]

While scouting for a prezzie at DJs for a friend's birthday, I came across these lovely mugs by Rob Ryan.  I feel it would be good for my soul to read "Believe in People" every morning while I ate my multigrain Weet-bix and banana.
...and these His & Her mugs are lovely too!

You can check out his range here as well!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

[overzealous kerbside collection]

This was my mother's kerbside collection efforts.
Jenny Jenny went a little overboard!
Maybe she's redecorating?!
I laughed so hard!
Whoever attracts the most scavengers wins!

First of the Christmas parties was last night. Las Vegas themed.  Dan and I wore togas, Caesar's Palace style.  It was extraordinarily comfortable.
Happy Sunday everyone.  It's a beautiful day here in Brizzy.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

[mag remedy]

Yesterday I stayed at home sick.  Nothing like battling a cold on a hot muggy day!
But look what arrived in the mail for me....
It was like the universe was giving me a glass of flat lemonade and comforting pat on the back.  Oh how I love Real Living!  The rest did me good and I'm back to work today.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, 14 November 2011

[food stylist callback]

Happy with how the first lot of food shots turned out, Brendan and Trish invited us back for round 2. We popped over Sunday afternoon after "de-camping" ourselves and stayed to gorge on star attractions.
Homemade Neenish tart
Diabetes in a pastry case but so delicious!
< Classic Jam Drops< & >Finger Sandwiches >
a couple of asian dishes
Trish's Christmas cake.
(saving for the family lunch of course!)
Home-grown tomato sauce - two ways
...and a couple of fillers for the contents page etc.

I'm pretty sure that's a wrap from our end. I can't wait to see the final product!

I had thought a while back that it would be a nice idea to turn my Nan's old recipe journal into a cookbook for the family. After being a part of this little project I think I might do just that. It was really fun! And it's definitely worthwhile turning it into a dinner catch-up with good company.
So thanks Brendan and Trish..... for considering us good company!

... alright you're pretty good company too.
Hehe Jx

[brunswick heads getaway]

Did a spot of camping over the weekend at the beautiful Brunswick Heads.  Relaxed with family, roamed the second-hand shops and enjoyed a few ciders.
Our room with a view.
Bec enjoying a spot of glamourous fishing or if we want to get technical, glishing.
Kayne, calling it a day with the kayak.
My beautiful sister Jazzy.
Uncle Daniel San teaching Seth the art of pumping yabbies.
So here's to the weekend that was.  Looking forward to the next already.
Not a good mentality at 8.30am on a Monday morning!
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