Tuesday, 29 November 2011

[pink ribbon breakfast - the art auction]

After we all gorged on the delicious goodies and had ourselves a couple of champas and guava, the art auction for breast cancer began.  Everyone was to bring along an original piece of creativitiy to auction off to one another...
Sarah's colourful typography "Auf Deutsch" that I purchased.
Tiffany's beautifully painted cup, entitled "cup" which I also bought.
(Straight to the pool room... or Dan's Christmas stocking!)

The two pieces that Al won:
Katie Green's "Owls in Flight"...

...as well as my "Flying Wall Ducks"

My other water colour that Amber purchased.

 <  Becky's piece - a lovely Buddhist quote that Amber also fancied.                                
                                 Becky with her purchase - "Love"- a mixed medium by Lozzy  >

Louise (from A Pot of Tea Under a Tree) painted a suitably fashionable piece that Tiffany won.
    Another by Louise, that Cass won        and Al's painting which Louise won.

Amber's origami lily that Miss A had her eye on

Cass' "Hooters" painting that Sabina bought...
...and Sabina's "Icecream" bra and coffee cup that Katie Green bought.

Between us we raised $474.35. Not bad for a casual Saturday brunch.
Thanks for the "support" girls!

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  1. What a clever and really lovely way to raise funds.
    Loving the art and the big smiles on all the gorgeous faces.


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