Tuesday, 8 November 2011

[food stylist for a day]

We have a friend called Brendan, who has a mother, who has a birthday.  For this birthday, Brendan has pinched her hand-written recipe journal, typed out each recipe and plans to have it printed and bound for her - lovely idea!
He phoned me last week to see if Daniel San and I could come around and photograph some of the food he'll be including in the book.  No trouble at all dear friend Brendan.... um.... what will you be doing with all the food you make?
Sharing it with us you say?.... excellent!
Classic scones with jam and cream.
The strawberry conserve was handmade by Brendan for the bomboniere at their (Brendan and Trish's) wedding last September.

Louise slice?
(I think... correction pending)
Biscuity layer - strawberry conserve layer - coconutty-meringue layer.

ANZAC biscuits.
(with just the right amount of chew)

Pikelets w jam and cream.

Dan was behind the lens while I played stylist - It was so much fun!
Unlike a true food stylist I kept the food quite edible and chose not to add that extra sheen with a little hairspray and other such products - well that's what I've heard happens, could be wrong!

... and the post photo-shoot feast.
Any time Brendan and Trish, any time!!!


  1. Miss Jane

    every food stylist needs an assistant - right!

    who on god's earth other than my deceased grandmother cooks scones like those ones. I want.

    later gator.

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. Don't they look amazing! They didn't disappoint!
    We've had a call back for a savoury dish shoot this weekend - Can't wait!!! Jx


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