Wednesday, 28 March 2012

[cute knitted pouf project]

Meet me at Mikes recommended I go and check out Pickles for the instructions on how to knit this incredibly cute pouf.
Don't you love?!
I'm très keen to give it a shot.
Let me know if you beat me.

Oh, and since I've already sent you on a blog treasure hunt, why not stop here at little green shed too and check out Lou's giveaway!

images via pickles

[midweek barley risotto]

There's is nothing I hate more than having food reach it's used by date in the back, unloved corner of my pantry and having to be unceremoniously tossed out.
I had a bag of pearl barley nearing this predicament so to the rescue.

Twas a delicious meal with the cherry on cake being the avoidance of "unnecessary waste guilt".
Next on the "must use v. soon" is polenta and Israeli couscous.
What can I say, I get excited at the supermarket.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

[go go daniel san!]

This was my weekend...
(The middle shot is Dan trying to tell me that he'd lost his watch in the swim leg)
How was yours?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

[granny rug the second - complete]

For the first time this year, Dan and I had nothing planned over an entire weekend.
I was truly looking forward to a couple of restful days.
That was until rest was forced upon me in the form of a niggling throat.
So I made the most recuperation time and decided to finish my granny rug.
I named this one Melody.

I feel my skills have definitely improved since my first effort.  It took me a lot less time from start to finish as well.
Now Daniel San and I each have a blanket ready to go for when the cooler nights roll on in.
We have a little way to go yet though.
It's almost 9pm here and only just dropped to a pleasant (and still slightly muggy) 24°C.
Better start another while I'm waiting!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

[new love: white horse home]

Yesterday was not half bad - for a wednesday at least.

A light shower on my morning walk.
Homemade bircher for brekky.
Then off to see Mary Poppins with Mum.

Oh, and Real Living came in the mail... (which makes my heart race opening the plastic wrap!)
I didn't manage to make it past the editor's letter before googling a label new to my eyes...

I'm in love with a shuttlecock cushion!
I'll be definitely keeping my eye on their wares.

For now though, I'll wait.
I think Dan would have a heart attack if I bought another cushion.
They just don't understand!

images via white horse home

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

[seven months + a little vintage love]

It's seven months today until Dan and I are married!
(I'm smiling while writing)
Planning so far has been enjoyable and breezy.  There are so many beautiful images out there to inspire, particularly for the vintage, nostalgic feel I'd love to convey!
Look what she found on Style Me Pretty...
Too good to be true?
Ten points to you!
It's a mock wedding.

I'm not sure it matters.  It's so pretty I didn't notice the absence of a groom.
Have a peek at the rest of these lovely images here.

images via style me pretty

Sunday, 11 March 2012

[bunny brooch]

My sweet little bunny brooch arrived in the mail this week and he is particularly cute!
As I mentioned back here, I came across Brisbane based Each to Own on Etsy and fell in love with Kirsten's pieces.
I chose this is the little guy to add to the beginnings of my collection.
I thought he looked lovely swinging off a string of my Nan's fake-as-fake champagne pearls.
For a family lunch on Saturday, me and my little brooch set off here...

If you're a Brisbanite and haven't yet been, you don't know what you're missing!
You could take your very own brooch on an outing there (and order the Blackberry and Cinnamon smoothie - just sayin')
To have a look at Kirsten's other sweet creations, find her on Etsy, Made It, and good ol' Facebook.
Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

[breezy autumn style]

I've commenced the biannual "change of season wardrobe reflection" in an attempt to work out exactly what pieces I need for an updated look (and on a budget slightly tighter than years past!)
So I've been scouring fashion blogs for some inspiration.
I found this image and I've never felt such jealousy towards another's seamless fashion sense.
The cameo pink.
Those pumps.
Her felt hat.
The clutch detail.
And Paris.

What are your wardrobe updates for the cooler months ahead?
Image via here.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

[brizzy made brooches]

Looky what I stumbled upon on Etsy!
The shop is Each To Own by Kirsten Devitt and she's Brizzy girl - love a local talent find!
As well as cute-as-pie brooches, she also has a collection of rings and earrings that are very sweet!
Cute much?!
Whilst writing this post I was purchasing my own little piece - my very first Etsy investment.
Up until now I was a virtual window shopper but since my first wooden brooch purchase last year, I've developed a bit of a weakness.
Looking forward to the postie visiting this week, provided he doesn't also have a bill for me! Jx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

[our fabulous friday]

You know those days when you're exceptionally busy but each element of the day is just... happy.
Yesterday was one of those days. 
Wedding dress shopping.
Lunch date...
...and the sun was shining.
An afternoon decorating cupcakes for our engagement party.
My party dress.

Following our busy Friday festivities, we have a weekend of nothing.
Which is perfect because the rain is falling outside and all I feel like doing is lounging about in my pyjamas, reading a book and maybe having a little play with my watercolours. Happy days! Jx

Friday, 2 March 2012

[sweet ribbon storage]

I've been a wrapping paper, gift bag and ribbon re-user from way back, however, I never had worked out an easy way of storing all my bits and bobs (if you discount the "stuffing into a old shoebox" as a method).
So this was my simple little idea using wooden pegs.

Pick up a pack of wooden pegs - I found mine at Bunnings for a couple of dollars.
Secure one end of the ribbon, wrap round the whole peg, then peg the end.
I think they look really sweet if I do say so myself.
Have a go... it's a snap!
Oh, and happy Friday!!!
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