Friday, 2 March 2012

[sweet ribbon storage]

I've been a wrapping paper, gift bag and ribbon re-user from way back, however, I never had worked out an easy way of storing all my bits and bobs (if you discount the "stuffing into a old shoebox" as a method).
So this was my simple little idea using wooden pegs.

Pick up a pack of wooden pegs - I found mine at Bunnings for a couple of dollars.
Secure one end of the ribbon, wrap round the whole peg, then peg the end.
I think they look really sweet if I do say so myself.
Have a go... it's a snap!
Oh, and happy Friday!!!


  1. That's such a great idea!! Thanks for the tip. :)

  2. lovely colourful sorting Miss Jane - good on you for doing such a pretty job of boring tasks.
    Now - can you come and do mine? :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 



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