Wednesday, 7 March 2012

[breezy autumn style]

I've commenced the biannual "change of season wardrobe reflection" in an attempt to work out exactly what pieces I need for an updated look (and on a budget slightly tighter than years past!)
So I've been scouring fashion blogs for some inspiration.
I found this image and I've never felt such jealousy towards another's seamless fashion sense.
The cameo pink.
Those pumps.
Her felt hat.
The clutch detail.
And Paris.

What are your wardrobe updates for the cooler months ahead?
Image via here.

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  1. you def. need those pumps Jane! I have high heel and clutch bag envy! Just spotted a gingham pair of flats on Asos . . . man I must be getting old! thanks for your comments today. lovT


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