Tuesday, 13 March 2012

[seven months + a little vintage love]

It's seven months today until Dan and I are married!
(I'm smiling while writing)
Planning so far has been enjoyable and breezy.  There are so many beautiful images out there to inspire, particularly for the vintage, nostalgic feel I'd love to convey!
Look what she found on Style Me Pretty...
Too good to be true?
Ten points to you!
It's a mock wedding.

I'm not sure it matters.  It's so pretty I didn't notice the absence of a groom.
Have a peek at the rest of these lovely images here.

images via style me pretty


  1. These are lovely! It doesn't matter if there is no groom. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

    1. Just as long as one turns up on my day!
      Have a great day Kellie! Jx

  2. Aw so pretty, never mind that it's a mock wedding!
    Congrats on your impending wedding, so exciting, remember to enjoy the planning process!

  3. So very pretty - congratulations on the upcoming wedding! :)


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