Thursday, 21 June 2012

[my melbourne find]

On our very brief trip to Melbourne last weekend I stumbled upon the most amazing store.
We'd arrived a few minutes early to yum cha and it was only a few doors down.
The beautiful set of bentwood chairs in the window drew me in.

The shop is called Tarlo and Graham and it's situated in Chapel Street.
Their collection of unique and unorthodox bits and bobs is truly exciting!
My heart rate reached it's peak when I spotted their collection of David Bromley paintings on the wall.
It was obvious that I was a little awestruck, so the owner shared with me that David himself was only in the other day and that he's a good friend and customer.
The final straw.  I needed something to come home with me from this shop.
Sadly it wasn't a Bromley.

It was these beautiful size 4½ antique wooden shoe lasts.
I adore the contrast of well loved and intriguing items against a clean fresh space.
It adds soul.
When were back, I did a little rearranging.
My antique find needed a home.
This here is the little bedside table that had been on "my side" of the bed.
And until I find something different, unique and ultimately perfect to go here, the Ikea stays.
Little by little it feels like it's coming together.


  1. Jane, isn't Melbourne positively amazing!
    How is it that I have just found your blog? Will definitely become a regular follower. Kate :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kate!
    I'll be doing some catch-up reading of your blog too!
    Have a great week! Jx

  3. How lovely! I can almost see where I'm putting it if it was mine. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx


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