Monday, 11 June 2012

[our little balcony garden]

Our long weekend is done and dusted but not even the wind and rain could stand in our way of having a fabulous time!
The highlight, of course, was witnessing our very close friends tie the knot yesterday in the very chapel that Dan and myself will be married in later this year.

Today's weather was no different and definitely called for a soup night.
An opportunity to sample some of our home grown herbs!
I'm a shocking gardener (see here) so I was thrilled to have managed not to kill these little guys.
Apparently giving them a good drink now and again and sunny days helps them to thrive.
Funny that!
Have a happy short week ahead!


  1. I've just started growing veggies/herbs again and its so satisfying growing your own (and cheaper too!) x

  2. I love gardening!!!
    And your herbs are health!! ;)

  3. Thanks for Sharing ....!!


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