Friday, 29 June 2012

[bookshelf envy]

I don't know that I'll ever become an e-book reader.
I do love to read, but I also love the smell books, the texture of the pages and the medley of colour their spines create when stacked with one another.
In the guest room we have piles upon piles of books on the floor, longing for a home.
There are so many lovely spaces which are centred around a beautiful bookshelf...
image via The Design Files
image via Ivy and Piper

And then I found a site completely and utterly dedicated to the beauty of books and bookshelves.
It's aptly named Bookshelf Porn.
I think this is my favourite one of all.  Just add a sweet little side table with a cup of coffee and I'm not moving for the whole day!

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
- P.J. O'Rourke
Enjoy your weekend reading! Jx


  1. Hi Jane

    I'll take photo 5 and 6 please.
    divine and I am not sure I would surface for weeks - that would be great rest and rec for a change.

    have a lovely weekend

    x Loulou

    1. You too Loulou!
      The weather might not be the nicest for morning walks or outdoor markets at the moment but how tempting it is to curl up with a book for the day!

  2. All fabulous - but I think I'm with you, love the last one best! My mum's even got a Kindle now but I doubt I'll ever read very much on a screen. I think it'd be great for travelling though.

    1. It would be handy in that sense.
      I bought one for my Dad for his birthday because they live in an apartment where space is precious!

  3. These are wonderful! The last one's my favorite too! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

    1. Isn't it lovely.
      I wouldn't mind that outlook either!

  4. I could happily live in that last room and very rarely surface... Although there's nothing I love better than book stores and a real book to read, I've made the change to e-readers because I travel so much now and it's proved very convenient (but not at all the same or as relaxing!). Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

    1. I'd imagine it would be really handing when you're on the move so much.
      The weekend was nice but my reading to cleaning ratio was a little off!
      Enjoy your week!


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