Saturday, 9 June 2012

[wedding guest looks]

Our very dear friends Chris and AL are getting married tomorrow!
So here I sit, with my tanning lotion doing its thang, having a sensible, quiet night in.
I'm familiarising myself with ASOS and one of their "looks" categories I came across is wedding guest.
There are some tres stylish guests sitting on pews out there...
With all these lovely pastel shades, sweet lace tops and flirty florals, I'm second guessing my choice of black dress, heels, jacket, earrings and clutch.
Being a purpose purchased outfit, I won't change my plans.
At least I know where to trawl for inspiration for next time!
Happy long weekend!! Jx

images via ASOS


  1. I'm heading back to Melbourne for a wedding in a couple of months and know where I'll be looking for inspiration on what to wear...

    1. How wonderful! You must be looking forward to a visit home!
      Remember no matter what the melbourne forcast says, take a jacket!


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