Wednesday, 21 March 2012

[granny rug the second - complete]

For the first time this year, Dan and I had nothing planned over an entire weekend.
I was truly looking forward to a couple of restful days.
That was until rest was forced upon me in the form of a niggling throat.
So I made the most recuperation time and decided to finish my granny rug.
I named this one Melody.

I feel my skills have definitely improved since my first effort.  It took me a lot less time from start to finish as well.
Now Daniel San and I each have a blanket ready to go for when the cooler nights roll on in.
We have a little way to go yet though.
It's almost 9pm here and only just dropped to a pleasant (and still slightly muggy) 24°C.
Better start another while I'm waiting!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mrs P.
      You have a very sweet blog!

  2. this is so beautiful! I love the colour combination... do you sell these? you should! ;)

    1. Thanks so much Alex.
      I don't sell them at this stage. I'd need to work on my skills and speed! I started this one last year!
      Hope you're enjoying the time leading up to your big day!

  3. These are so lovely! Gosh I was it was a balmy 24 degrees in the evening where I am...

    1. Thank you! But I'd happily trade places with you in a heartbeat!

  4. How beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  5. What beautiful colours and a lovely blanket.

    Happy weekend to you.

    Nina x


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