Tuesday, 4 February 2014

[ombre interiors]

Ombre has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and is set to continue trending in 2014.  The soft gradation of colour seen in dip-dyed curtains, wallpaper and wall finishes can add an unexpected element of fun, vibrancy and depth to a space.
Here are some fantastic examples of just how versatile this trend can be.
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If you're not quite ready to cover your stairs in this current trend, here's a few little ideas to subtly introduce ombre to your home with less permanency and on a budget.
Sort your books into colours, ordering them according to their tonal value.
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Paint a little timber stool or chair in gradated colour.
There's a fantastic tutorial on how to create this at home over here.
Accessorise! This lovely rug from West Elm is a more muted interpretation of the ombre trend.
Pattern + Ombre = Fun!
Hot Springs Ombre Cushion by Xavier & Me

The Design Farm GLOH vessels
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  1. It's a beautiful theme. I love ombré in beauty, looks great in interior design too :)


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