Sunday, 27 January 2013

[beautiful bowral cottage]

Mum decided a spring clean was in order and was tossing out her collection of Country Style magazines.
I generously put my hand up to adopt them and provide them with the love they deserved.
One issue featured our future home - that is if we moved to Bowral.

I especially fell in love with the dining space with it's stunning black and white tiled flooring, amazing kilim rug, the beautiful bentwoods and the light, oh the light!
The large rustic table was apparently was on old wool classing table bought straight off the woolshed floor and the pretty blooms are displayed in an old French champagne crate.
There's nothing I love more than furniture with a story, history, soul!

I began searching for images of this beautiful little cottage to share with you all and found them on! Yes this darling little abode is for sale.
If I were anywhere near the southern highlands of NSW this would definitely be an open house I wouldn't be missing!
images via here


  1. Seriously beautiful space - love it! :)

  2. oh I did love Bowral! This house looks so cute. It would be great if we could rent a large truck to drive there and bring back all our collected wares! You drive . . I'll navigate . . alright well . . I'll iphone browse! LovT


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