Sunday, 24 March 2013

[a beautiful converted barn]

There is nothing I love more than a converted building be it an old button factory or a city fire station.  There's something about their previous life that's so beautifully retained in its bones that gives the space "soul".
I read and hear of people managing to acquire buildings of this nature and I dream of one day having the opportunity to take on a similar project.
Oh how wonderful it would be!
For now, I'll continue pouring over innovative and awe-inspiring renovations like this one, until it's our turn.
The interiors of this beautiful converted barn are the work of French interior designer Joséphine Vérine- Gintzburger.  For more images of this amazing home or if you fancy swooning over more of Joséphine's inspiring work, visit here.

images via josephine interior design

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  1. I'm with you Jane. I have always loved the idea of living in a converted warehouse or church.

    I saw a program the other day on ABC Iview (can't remember the name & it only goes for about 10mins) and it looks at all different architecture designs (usually residential) in Australia. The one they had on the other day was a converted church. Very well done, they actually built it so if down the track they needed to remove it, it would come out without damaging the original structure.

    Nic x


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