Tuesday, 24 January 2012

[quail eggs]

Dan's parents (and my soon to be parents-in-law) have fresh air, shady trees, home grown veggies, a couple of dogs and quails - lots of them!  Last time we popped in for a visit they shared some of their teeny tiny eggs with us.
They really were too pretty to eat...
But we did anyway.
They have a lovely lemon-butter coloured yolk.
(I'll admit we had to phone home to check that that was normal)
Twelve little quail eggs later and we had scrambled eggs for two.
Perfect with a grilled mushroom, slice of bacon on wholemeal toast with light philly!
Saturday lunch served!
(Between taking down the Christmas tree - that's right, I'm that lazy - and the Lifeline Bookfest)


  1. It looks delicious! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

    1. Thanks Kellie, you have a lovely day too! Jx

  2. Looks yummy! How cool you know exactly where your eggs came from! Do you taste like regular eggs?


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