Monday, 23 January 2012

[the weekend that was]

We had a busy little weekend just gone...

Friday night drinks took us into the Valley to meet up with our friends Tom and Louise. We met at an amazing new bar Lady Lamington - she only opened at the beginning of the week.
Love the decor!
Saturday we visited the Lifeline Bookfest.
10 reads for $45!
Tip for next time - wear comfy shoes!
The concrete floors of the convention centre are a killer on your feet!
Then sampled some coffee at another new joint - Slightly Twisted.
Check out their latte served in a goblet with a kiss!
We had a 30th party Saturday night - Hollywood style and then a quick trip to the Sunny Coast on the Sunday.
And now it's a new week and I'm waiting for the weekend again.


  1. what fun photos! sounds like a fab weekend xx

    1. Thanks! So fab it made monday feel so much worse! Jx

  2. Hello, this a a great post. I love reading them and the photos are gorgeous. This is why you have received the Liebster Award.
    Here is the link:

    Rachel xx

    1. Thanks Rachel, that's really lovely to hear! Jx


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