Wednesday, 11 January 2012

[make your own teabags]

How cute are these little DIY teabags!!!A teeny bit of a hassel for your daily morning cuppa but they would make the sweetest handmade gift!
 ... and this is the girl you want to know about... Elsie Larson and her blog A Beautiful Mess.
Find out how to make her little teabags here.
I'll let you know if I get around to making any.  One half of me is ethusiasticly saying "let's do it" but the other half is already on her way to T2 to just buy some.


  1. These tea bags are pretty cute! You got me at those hearts! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  2. I'm with you Jane. Such a cute idea but would have to be for a special occasion (or gift). Not sure if anyone at my place would fully appreciate or even notice them! Maybe for shower tea? Now that's an idea. Off now to check out Elsie's blog. ;)Sharyne

  3. These are such a lovely idea... oh if only I was one of those people that gave handmade gifts to their friends and family. Sadly, am not.. and would definitely been joining the line at T2! Have just stumbled across your lovely blog and am looking forward to hearing more about your wedding preparations!

  4. Thanks HIHH! I'm looking forward to sharing all the goss on the planning!! I've been having a look at your lovely blog... what an exciting move you've made!
    And Sharyne, great minds think alike! If I do end up having a bridal shower these little babies may make an appearance! Jx


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