Saturday, 26 November 2011

[pink ribbon breakfast - the food]

This morning I held my Pink Ribbon Brekky to raise a little money for Breast Cancer.  This year we all brought a plate to share.
The menu included:
Pikelets with blueberries and cream
Teacup biscuits (The little ones' eyes lit up when they spotted these!)
Fresh cherries and strawberries
Scones with jam and cream
Pink ribbon shaped bikkies
Pink cupcakes
Warm croissants
Caramel ginger snap tarts
Savoury muffins (from the renowned Hummingbird Bakery cookbook)
Apricot slice (family fave)
and my banana bread (recipe to follow - it's brilliant!)

Not to mention a few glasses of sparkling and guava nectar (delicious and pink!)

 This morning I ducked down to the little florist around the corner to buy whatever pink flowers they had.  She had these lovely peonies left over from a wedding order for today!
Sigh... my favourite!  
 Lozzy's little one's dressed up for the day and helped us consume the ridiculous amount of food.
Miss A just learnt the joys of listening for the ocean in a shell.

After eating ourselves silly
we had our art auction.

to be continued.....

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