Sunday, 6 November 2011

[finders keepers outing]

The Finders Keepers markets paid Brizzy a visit over the weekend so Trish and I stopped by to welcome them to the neighbourhood. 

I love markets at the best of times but this had me wanting to buy it all, join every mailing list and left me itching to get creative myself!  It was also held in one of my favourite buildings in Brizzy, The Old Museum, which I had only ever admired from the outside.
After surveying all the stalls and creating a mental shortlist of all the things I'd love to be mine, we stopped for some sustenance at the organic smoothie stall out on the grass.

You had the choice of spinning your own smoothie which neither Trish or I could pass up.
Such a unique idea! It felt good to be a little green!
Apple, acai and banana?
Little hazy on the details.  Delicious though - I remember that much.
I was a very good girl and only bought a little something for myself.
I think I'll show you when it's monday!

Not much left of the weekend now - enjoy what's left!

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