Thursday, 8 November 2012

[an exciting change is coming]

I was in a cute little vintage shop and was chatting to the lovely, exuberant owner who was telling me how much she loved her job and loved her life.
I was so jealous.
How could anyone love their job?
I certainly didn't love mine.
In fact at times it made me downright miserable.
I told her this and she asked me what it was that I would love to do with my day.
I said interior design.
She dragged me out the front of the shop to show me what she had written on her chalkboard today.
It said:
Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

It clicked.
The fear of change and creating instability for myself was stopping me from following my true passion.
The career path I'd originally chosen as a teenager but was then convinced to get stable job and do those creative things as a "hobby".

I could continue plugging away in job that pays my mortgage and keeps me busy monday to friday (and every second saturday) or I could take the leap and change career paths.

I'm leaping.

Next feb I start a diploma in interior design and I couldn't be more excited!
(In fact I had the biggest smile across my face just typing the above line!!)

It's a scary thought to throw away a degree and years of continued learning but I know I've made the right choice.
Exciting times are around the corner and I hope you'll continue following me on my journey!

And if you're around the Nundah area, drop in to Vintage Venus and say hello to Josephine.
She could change your life!
(Either that or you'll pick up a cute 60s dress)


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  1. classic!! How totally exciting! What did you do beforehand? Imagine if we poured as much enthusiasm into first degrees as projects later in life!? Actually . . .imagine if I spent more time studying at 19 & less time at the RE!! Good work Jane. lovT

    1. I'm a Podiatrist.
      It doesn't fit me at all.
      I'm pretty sure if I had saved a few more brain cells and not attended toga nights at the RE I'd still end up where I am today. Maybe just with a few less friends.
      I don't regret it though. That's how I met Dan!

  2. Miss Jane - I am so proud of you


    1. Thanks for all your workds of encouragement along the way Loulou!


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