Thursday, 13 October 2011

[keep calm and try to forgive the idiot at the framing shop]

I'd been waiting for over two months to receive the pick-up call for my poster we had mounted - it wasn't happening.  So what did she do? She marched in there and very politely asked if it was ready whilst gently repeating in her head "flies with honey, flies with honey".  Lucky for him he did a nice job!
I know, I know... nothing you haven't seen before. But I'm excited so blogged it shall be!
If you are in market for posters we found ours here.

While I was a on framing roll, I popped to the local KMart and had this photo printed.  It's a shot of Dan from the trip we took to Vanuatu too long ago.  You can fiddle around with adding text while you're there!  The frame is an Ikea job so in the end it turned out to be a very cheap piece of art!

Looking forward to the weekend!  Had my inevitable spring head-cold this week so planning on a few days of nothingness! Jx

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  1. Miss Jane

    gorgeous - and so inspirational - definitely a pinterest job and definitely blog worthy :)

    have a wonderful day



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