Tuesday, 13 September 2011

[pink ribbon brekky]

It's creeping up! October is Breast Cancer Month and there's no better way to raise money for such a wonderful cause than to get together with you're closest girls for a pink ribbon brekky!  I'll be a busy bee over the next few weeks organising my little gathering!
I thought I'd share some shots of mine from the event I hosted in 2009.  The website has a myriad of ideas to raise money at your event.  After much deliberation I decided to encourage my friends to put their crafty-caps on and create an art piece to auction off to each other.

Firstly there was the business of champagne with guava nectar, ham and leek mini quichesblueberry yoghurt muffins and of course the pink cupcakes.

This was my little piece that my lovely friend Al bought...

...and I won the bid for Al's creation of words to inspire (creatively directed by her now fiancé Chris of course).

 Adie-pants' piece was perfectly suited to the cause:  Dayna's lucky buy for the day.

...and me and my gorgeous sister.

Looking forward to the next one!  Make sure to stop off at the Pink Ribbon Breakfast website for more information on hosting your own.  Wonderful way to start the day for even more wonderful cause! Jx

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