Wednesday, 7 September 2011

[prepping for a spring beach visit]

My birthday is fast approaching (yay) and we've decided to escape to the beach for the weekend.  I'm pretty damn excited!  I'm definitely not one of those people that will go through a whole workday without anyone knowing it's their birthday until someone casually asks what they're doing that night.  I'd rather wear a birthday badge the size of my face!

I haven't purchased new togs in a long time so the hunt begins.  There are extremely cute cozzies out there this year...
Zimmerman - love the detail on the top!
Both above via Jets - very sweet patterns!
And the winner is by Zafiro - how cute is the picnic print trim!
Now all I have to do substitute my food intake with air for a few weeks and I'm set.

Happy hump day everyone! I can smell Sunday brekky already ;) Jx

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