Friday, 8 July 2011

[painting times]

Here's a few shots from our mini reno job.  Neither Dan nor I have any experience with this sort of thing so it's been a good learning experience... at times.

First some perspective...
Bedroom 1.
Aside from the deliciously stained carpet, my favourite feature of this room is bedhead-arced scud on the lefthand wall - noice!

Bedroom 2.
Similarly as dank as bedroom 1 with slightly fewer stains and chocolate coloured dusty curtains instead of olive green.

The removal of the mouldy carpet.

Encountering our first major challenge: The vermiculite ceiling.  I was truly close to tears that night, sponging the gaps  with kitchen sponge.  Fine now that we've discovered the joys of mini sponge rollers. A messy job regardless.

The painting is now slowly creeping out into the hall so the carpet can go in next week.  I'm very excited- we'll be able to move out of the living room!

More to follow.....

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