Wednesday, 20 July 2011

[what an arrangement]

These are the lilies my very thoughtful friend Sarah bought me for helping her move and store some furniture last week.  Unfortunately my little unit is still in such a state that I didn't have anywhere to display them... so they ended up here, in the entrance, on a step ladder, in front of a half undercoated wall.
They haven't quite opened yet which I'm feeling it a great thing.  After a little hiccup (mis-measuring) of the carpet in the main bedroom, it had to be reordered.  Hopefully it can be laid tomorrow which means we can move out of the living room into our bedroom which means my flowers will have a home, a less industrial home.  Can't wait!

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  1. ahahah you know, before i read the text i thought 'gee i love that ladder display'! Stylin with out even meaning it.

    im glad to be apart of your new blog and look forward to seeing it grow!

    xo em


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