Wednesday, 31 August 2011

[a very blonde sunday...]

So this the result of a very forgetful Sunday...

stupid thing number one:
I was meeting my friend Renee for a catch-up lunch.  I hadn't seen her for a while and so I made a special trip to the markets that morning to pick up some flowers for her...
...and then left them in my car.
...while she drove home which is a good hour away.
I did call her as soon as I realised to find out if by chance she had stayed in the area to shop etc.  No such luck.  She asked me to take a photo of them so here's your poppies Renee. Hope you like them!  I took these shots this morning.  When I came out for brekky there was such a yummy light beaming in.

stupid thing number two:
This is the biscotti that Jane made...
... chock full of almonds and dried cranberries.
... to take to Sunday dinner at Sarah and Mirko's.
... who is allergic to nuts.
... which I already knew because I asked if he had any allergies only the day before.

So now I have very pretty poppies and a jar of tasty biscotti.
Wouldn't it be nice if all my lamebrain moments turned out this well!

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  1. What a lovely space! And those biscotti look delicious! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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