Wednesday, 24 August 2011

[gift wrap love]

When if comes to gifts, I'm a bit like that toddler at Christmas...way more interested in the wrapping than what's inside!  I had a little go at making spiral flowers out of old paper to adorn this prezzie for a bridal shower.
If you feel like having a go yourself I found a great little tutorial here.
Happy hump day! Jx


  1. I love that you used type-print for this! So much cuter than scrapbook paper, in my opinion! I have been nutso for making fabric roses recently with the edge scraps I cut off of my sewing projects. It's a really similar process and comes out so cute. I've been making little girl shirts and hair bows from them. I'm a little obsessed with making little girl stuff these days! :) Here's a pic of one of the shirts I made:


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