Sunday, 14 August 2011

[gran's 80th and the nude...]

My most recent visit to Melbourne was for Gran's 80th Birthday.  At a guess, she's been bugging me for a life-drawing of mine for about 8 years.  So I got my act together and here it is...
She was either extremely excited or after 80 years she's really mastered her acting skills.
The next day was her party and geez our family like our food!
 Me and my sister.
 The divine raspberry macaroons my Aunty made.
(the next foodie challenge I'm setting myself)
 ...or you could have taken your pick from any of the other ten or so desserts.
Gran's amazing tiered and toffeed cake that my very talented young cousin Tash created. If you're a Melbournite and are looking for a caterer, you can find her here.
 The youngest cousin.
 Me and my Daniel San
...and a few more cousins.
Happy 80th Gran.

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  1. Your Gran looks so lovely and elegant.
    Ha. We should both update our blogs with our macaroon-foodie-challenge. The first time I made these they were a fail. I need some for this weekend, so I've asked for a new recipe from a friend. Let's hope I'll have better results unlike last time's runny-as-syrup consistency. *cough*


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