Monday, 19 December 2011

[white and wood]

After buying my little unit my brain went into overdrive with dreams of the beautiful spaces I'd design and all the amazing unaffordable furniture I'd soon buy.
Then reality set in and I realised... I have NO money!
Therefore, most of my furniture is hand-me-down, thrifted or kerbside collected... the turned-wood dining table that I remember eating potato and cheese dinners off as a child.

Over the years each and every chair met its fate.
I then began looking for some inspiration to turn my preloved table into a nice dining set... on a string.
via here
via here
via here
This was the look I went for - White and wood.
The chairs are from Ikea, lovingly allen-keyed together by yours truly.
The bows are in place early for Christmas lunch - I can't wait to show you my table setting for the day!
Hope all your Chrissy plans are coming along swimmingly.

Six more sleeps!

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