Tuesday, 27 December 2011

[our christmas...]

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Hope you all had a fabulous day on Sunday.  Daniel San and I hosted Chrissy lunch this year with his family at our newly painted little unit.  I went for a natural and lace theme with a subtle splash of pink and navy.  Be sure to stop by here to find out how to make my doily Bon Bons.

I glazed my first ever ham this year which I'm delighted to say turned out a treat!! I found this easy-as-pie maple glaze recipe here - Taste.com of course!  Served with a side of maple dutch carrots and crushed hazelnuts - yum yum!
For starters we had prawns and these baby bocconcini, basil and cherry tomato bites.  Just toothpick together and enjoy!  Really fresh and flavoursome!
Dessert was Becky's delicious berry passionfruit pavlova and my limoncello trifle - again, Taste.com.
Anything with lemon curd has my heart!
And this was our little Christmas corner.  After lunch, like most of you I'm sure, we slept off our food babies.
Have a relaxing week everyone!


  1. Miss Jane

    Ummm... gulp - Awarding you the new martha of Brisbane.
    You win - that looks sensational
    once again gorgeous styling

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  2. Hey there Jane, I wish that furniture was mine but we were at another house across the road, if i see some like that will let you know,
    Love your blog and your awesome Chrissy food prep , you're a very creative person , love it !!!!
    Bex home again tonight ............. like you say she is never at Sarah's place .
    Hope to see you in the new year
    xxxxxxx to you & Daniel san


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