Monday, 17 December 2012

[giant clam shells]

I bought my own Christmas present.
It was just easier this way.
That and I feared I'd lose him to someone else if I walked away!
He's a little rough around the edges but I love the beauty in imperfections.
(If only I would adopt this attitude in the mirror!)

I'll be wrapping him in ribbon and placing him under the tree beside the other goodies.
He's not truly mine until then anyway!
I'll name him then.

Here are some lovely and at times, remarkable ways in which these beautiful giant clam shells have been used.
The most innovative of them all!
via here

Classic coastal and perfectly bookended.
via here

My favourite!
Balanced to perfection with the glass vase collection.
via here

Elegant coastal.
Loving splashes of gold at the moment.
via here

Beautiful against the dark of the fireplace.
And how amazing is the floor lamp!
via here
via here
And having just potted my first ever little succulents I completely loved this!

Have you been a little cheeky like me and bought your own Christmas present this year?
And any thoughts on what I should name him?


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