Monday, 3 December 2012

[neon-ing in the garden]

This year our Christmas table for lunch will be decked out in neon.
On the weekend I took the smidge of free time I had to take to the garden and get spray happy.
This happened...
Also, a few weeks before I'd bought this simple basket at Vinnies for $2, hoping to give it a little facelift.
These little ornaments were a cheap find at Spotlight.
First I covered the upper hemisphere with masking tape.
I then cut a few holes in a piece of cardboard to nestle each bauble in.
This way they behaved themselves while they were being sprayed.
For the basket I taped a straight line exposing a little over a quarter of it's height and protected the rest with newspaper.
And here's my little neon babies.
Three weeks to go!
Hope your Chrissy plans and coming along swimmingly.


  1. I've been spray painting a lot of stuff lately but I haven't done Christmas decorations (yet). These look great, love the basket :)

  2. Love the neon pink Jane! My tree is in shades of fuscia pink - such a fun, festive colour without being too traditional :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. Awesome - love the neon pink! :)


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