Thursday, 12 July 2012

[wedding cake flavour testing]

Last night we had ourselves a little cake testing session with our friend and talented little baker Brooke from Eat My Cake (and few fellow tasters to increase the study's sample size).
I made sure yesterday was a very light eating day in preparation for the evening's festivities but no amount of sparrow protein grazing could prepare me for this sweet sugar onslaught!

She baked mini individual sized cupcakes in five flavours to be mixed and matched with seven delectable icings and fillings.
She had even created little scoring tables so that we could keep track of our favourite combinations.
The standouts were:
- Peaches and cream cake with cream cheese frosting
- Lemon and poppyseed cake with the combination of lemon curd and lemon meringue
- Gluten free choc orange cake with cream cheese frosting (Dan's favourite)

This little exercise was to make choosing the flavour of the wedding cake easier.
Sadly we're no closer.
Just a little more full.


  1. Everything sounds delicious! Did you have a choice yet? Have a fabulous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

    1. Hi Kellie. We picked the peaches and cream with cream cheese frosting but to be made a little more decadent with peach curd or peach liquor. Should be divine!
      Hope you have a lovely weekend! Jx

  2. That looks pretty much like how I imagine heaven to be. The peaches and cream sounds lovely! (They all look amazing!)


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