Sunday, 13 May 2012

[mother's day brunching]

Happy Mother's Day Mum!!!
This was how we celebrated this morning...

Jenny Jenny's
Mother's Day Brunch Menu:

Spinach, Basil and Parmasen Mini Muffins
with Light Philly

Warm Roast Pumpkin Tarts
with Persian Feta and Olives

Homemade Toasted Muesli
(My complete and utter favourite!)
with Natural Yoghurt and Cinnamon

Baked Cinnamon Ricotta with Honey Drizzle, Berries and Fresh Figs
served with Warm Mini Brioche

As well as a splash of sparkling
and a cup or two of Melbourne Breakfast tea.

Hope all you wonderful mothers out there are having one fabulous day! Jx


  1. Oh wow! What a menu! What photos! It all looks fabulous! :)

    1. Thank's Naomi! Have a great week!

  2. That looks amazing! I'm so going to try all of those recipes out! Happy mothers day!

    1. Thanks Jenn, and thanks for stopping by!


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