Friday, 11 May 2012

[the last of the liebster]

Happy Friday everyone!
Best pass on the rest of the Liebster awards...
Thirdly to Holly at Pannikin.
A fabulous illustration jewellery designer who's based (at the moment and we hope she stays) in Brizzy.

Fourthly, to Celinda of Celinda Ceramics, a graphic designer/artist from the Netherlands who's blog showcases her oh so lovely wares as well as her other creative ventures.
(Aren't they lovely?!)

And finally to Dominique and one of her blog's Esbert's Collection.
Here's a few of her fabulous creations with mega attitude.
Check out her Etsy store here!
She also has an illustration blog called Hello Geronimo - creative little possum.
Happy Weekend!

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