Friday, 14 March 2014

[st patrick's day festivities]

Regardless of whether of not you have Irish heritage, many Australians will be donning green and celebrating with a few beers, good friends and sing-a-long pub songs this St Patrick's Day.

If, however drinking Guinness in a green velour top hat at O'Malley's isn't your thing, why not simply add a few of these pretties to your weekend festivities.

St Patrick's Day style tips:
  1. Rethink your green: Add deeper shades for a sophisticated look or a lighter mint or sage for a fresh, sweet take on the scheme.
  2. Adorn your front door with a themed wreath - we're in the tail end of the Hydrangea season which make for a beautiful full green wreath.
  3. Add plenty of foliage to your blooms - an easy boost of green!
  4. Get creative with your styling with props such as horseshoes, clovers, gold coins, Claddagh symbols and tartans.
Happy St Patrick's Day!

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